In the


of the heart

The place where our life is at stake,
the essence of our vocation in the world,
the dream of St Anthony Mary Claret.

But… what is this?

Cordimarian Filiation


Do you want to know

the entrails of Cordimarian Filiation

We want to take a leap, we want to jump without a net and that you see what we are, what defines us, the vocation to which God has called us.

For that, let us take another step. We invite you to discover the entrails of our vocation, what we are, what identifies us and what differs from other branches of Claretian Family.

In the entrails

of Cordimarian Filiation

Simple testimonies, from what we are, from the way we live and for what we are called, will help you to know and understand how we live and how we respond to our vocation.



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